About Songbirds: Pioneering Women in Jamican Music


Songbirds: Pioneering Women in Jamaican Music is a book that finally celebrates the women who played a critical role in the shaping of their country’s culture, balancing career with life responsibilities and making sacrifices for their art. Hear from many of the women themselves and/or those who knew them or learn about their lives as vocalists, musicians, producers, dancers, and wives or mothers in extraordinary supporting roles. Women featured include Millie Small, Yvonne Harrison, Doreen Shaffer, Patsy Todd, Janet Enright, the Webber Sisters, members of the Carnations, Calypso Rose, Norma Fraser, Beverly Kelso, Girl Satchmo, Cherry Green, Rita Marley, Susan Cadogan, Hortense Ellis, Sheila Khouri Lee, Patricia Chin, Doris Darlington, Norma Dodd, Lucille Reid, Lucille Johns, Mitzy Seaga, Jannette Phillips, Phyllis Dillon, Cynthia Schloss, Sheila Rickards, Totlyn Jackson, Myrna Hague-Bradshaw, Sister Ignatius, Enid Cumberland, Marcia Griffiths, Anita Mahfood, Barbara Lyn, Sonia Pottinger, Dawn Penn, Marjorie Whylie, Althea and Donna, Cynthia Richards, Marie Garth, Nora Dean, Olive “Senya” Grant, Louise and Blossom Lamb, Beverley Simmonds, Miss Lou, Carlene Davis,Lorna Bennett, Sheila Hylton, Adina Edwards, Francisca Francis, and more!